What are Sun Cushions are Why are Koreans So Crazy With Them

Most you would have learnt about the harmful effects of the sun and how important sunblock is for the overall health and appearance of your skin. In my skincare routine, I consider sunblock to be the most crucial because of the damage to our skin from sun exposure.

The benefits of using sunblock are:

  1. Protection – the most obvious benefits of sunblock is the protection it provides against the harmful UV rays from the sun. These rays can trigger a variety of skin disorders and causes sunburns.
  2. Preventing skin aging – one of the top causes of skin aging is the sun. It increases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. We all want youthful, radiant and healthy-looking skin.
  3. Maintaining even complexion – sun damage can cause uneven skin tones. Using sunblock helps to prevent this and keeps our complexion even.
  4. Healthy skin – overall, our skin is much healthier when we use sunblock. It protects the essential proteins like keratin which are responsible for keeping skin smooth and healthy.

This brings me to the next important question. What is the best way to apply sunblock? Considering that sunblock last only about 2-3 hours, a single application is insufficient to last the entire day. I hate carrying around a bottle or tube in my bags that could potentially leak and cause a mess. Not to mention my makeup can be affected when I re-apply sunblock.

Introducing the perfect solution – Sun Cushions.

Sun cushions are sunblock that comes in cushion format. They are pure skincare and no makeup, and crazily popular in Korea. It works well for both adults as well as kids.

Do you know in Korea sun cushions are also used for babies? So why are Koreans so crazily in love with sun cushions?

This is because sun cushions brings about many advantages when compared to other forms of sunblocks:

  1. Convenience – sun cushions are small (either 15g or 25g) so they can easily fit into your pouch or bag. They do not leak and do not cause a mess. You use a puff for sunblock application so it doesn’t dirty your hands. You can use it anywhere, any time.
  2. Applying over makeup – a few pats are all it takes to re-apply the sunblock. You do not need to lube and rub all over, thus your makeup stays intact. I will not sacrifice my makeup!!!
  3. Colourless (almost) – most sun cushions have very little to no tone-up effect. They are pure skincare with no makeup. Suitable for those days where you want to show off your skin but still enjoy a puff pat-down experience.
  4. Even application – sunblock is applied more evenly over your skin using a puff. You'll end up using less and achieve better coverage. Saves money, more protection. YAY!
  5. Skincare – most sun cushions have additional skincare ingredients, providing you not just with protection from the sun, but also moisturizing benefits, sebum control and whitening.

Sun Cushions recommend by Unnie


Jayjun Watermelon Hydro Sun Cushion

The versatile sun-protective cushion offers 48-hour of moisture for the whole family. Thanks to a watermelon complex of fruit extract and seed oil, the product quenches the skin, creates a cooling sensation, and soothes tired, sun-exposed skin.

Slight pink tone-up, glowy finish.

Spometics Green Natural Sun Cushion

Spometics Green Natural Sun Cushion provides strong UV protection effect of SPF 50+ PA++++! It is a triple functional sun cushion with whitening, wrinkle improvement and UV protection. Also provides instant moisturizing and cooling effect.

Colourless, matte finish.

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