VQM Phytocin (30ml)

VQM Phytocin (30ml)

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VQM Phytocin is the #1 regenerating cream in Korea and it is popularly used together with Pilotica Exsior for skin healing. A solution of phytocin promotes collagen synthesis and instantly soothes and regenerates the skin, enhancing the skin's own self-renewal power, improving wrinkles and restoring the elasticity of the skin.

Suitable for all skin types. Especially good anti-aging and skin regeneration.

There is a product called VQM Virexin which looks similar to VQM Phytocin. It is an inferior product made solely for the China market using low quality ingredients. The effect of Virexin cannot be compared to Phytocin. Please use only Phytocin!

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