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Oxytical Vial Kit 3.98
Oxytical Vial Kit 3.98


Oxytical Vial Kit 3.98

120 reviews

Oxytical Vial 3.98 is based on core peptide of Syn-Ake. It comes in 2 vial sets - core peptide and stable chitin. Only the core ingredients infused in No. 1 (Core Peptide) can dissolve No. 2 (Stable Chitin). The mixed ampoule densifies the skin and supplies moisture and nutrition, making the skin becoming smooth and radiant.

Vial Kit 3.98 contains 5 usable vials after mixing.


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SKIN TYPE: Dehydrated, sensitive skin and often prone to random breakouts USAGE: First box - currently on my third vial AGE: 27 I'm a professional makeup artist and have always tried to use makeup to conceal all the flaws on my skin. As for glowly skin, I will always use highlighter or glowy cream/stick to achieve the glowy/glass skin effect. Having a bright glowly clean skin has always been a dream but super hard to achieve on my sensitive dry acne prone skin ☹ Like everyone else, initially i was super skeptical about this and never really believed in superficial products to help achieve such good skin conditions. Still being half convinced, I ordered 1 box to give it a try. Everything was normal and not much of big difference until I finished my second and started on my third vial, the difference starts getting BIG!! Skintone brightened by at least 2 shades!! I've ALWAYS had uneven skintone and tired dull looking unhealthy skin! Pores starting to look smaller!! Its not gone for now, but i believe continuous usage will improve my pore condition overtime since I am already seeing results on just my third vial! Acne marks lightened as well since my overall skintone brightened up I START TO SEE THE GLOW! Like i said, i've ALWAYS had dull tired looking skin. The only time i see glow on my face is after I apply highlighter when I'm wearing makeup. But thanks to this baby, I started to see some glow on my bare face. It all started from only my nose, then now my forehead has glow to it as well. If only I can fast forward the time and see how good and glassy my skin will be after I finished my whole box!! I can't wait!!!!! I guess I'll be ditching all my highlighters and glow sticks very soon! Sharing my night time routine here with everyone else who are interested > Hwangjisoo oil cleanser > Hwangjisoo foam cleanser (Moisturizing) > Exfoliate (twice a week) > MTS Roller (once a week) > Oxytical > EGF + FGF > Essence > Moisturizing cream > Dr. Different Vita A Cream Forte

Lena G.
Singapore Singapore
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Excellent effect

I’m on my fourth bottle of Oxytical. Can see the “gwang” and my complexion is glowy! I’m in my late forties so this effect is a bonus! I love the tight texture after applying Oxytical. It’s tight and keeps my skin supple without any stickiness. Not overtly tight but just nice “Peng Peng” bouncy feeling!

Singapore Singapore
I recommend this product

Smooth, radiant..

Easy to mix this ampoule, painless but can get to achieve botox effect upon long use. See improvement on my skin looking smoother, supple, soft, moisture, radiant, little glow. Continue using will be more glowly, improve my sensitive skin barrier, youthful skin. Yes, product price not cheap but definitely worth a try! Thanks for bringing in, congrats of being able appointed as exclusive right to distribute this great product in singapore. Oh yes, we love more affordable with more discounted price products ya haha


The Oxytical and EGF are the 2 beauty serums that I can not live without. Thanks Leah for the recommendation! The serum has improved my skin complexion and lighten acne scar. Highly recommend to all.

Rina N.

My skin was badly neglected for almost 10years.. yes a good 10years! I was busy taking care of my triplets plus a toddler..and didn’t think I would be in my 40s battling sensitive combination skin with big glaring open pores When I realised the impact of neglected skin care, I was desperate to try and save my skin. I tried many many types of products from different countries. Even did sheet masks 2x a day! But there was little improvement. Until I chance upon Unnie on Fb. I have used oxytical for almost 2 weeks. And the changes were so significant, even my 10 year old girl says my skin looks nicer ! I also started getting compliments from other mummy friends when I go pick my kids from school without makeup. They said I look fairer and prettier! (Even though half my face was covered by the mask) Thank you Leah for sharing such a wonderful product. Definitely worth every single cent and drop.

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