Ectoin - The Super Ingredient You Should Know About

What does environments such as deserts, salt lakes and ice flows have to do with skincare? These harsh environments creates extreme conditions such as strong UV radiation, high temperatures, drought, high salinity and osmotic stress. Many microorganisms and plants found in such environments produces a unique compound to help survive the conditions.

This organic compound is Ectoin.

Ectoin can stabilize various enzymes under rapid temperature changes and prevent their degration by other agents. It maintains the integrity of a cell's structure by affecting the viscosity, melting point and ionic strength of the cell's aqueous solution. In simple terms, it acts as a cell protector and stabilizer, and boost cellular hydration while guarding against UV radiation.

Let's look at the list of benefits Ectoin does for your skin:

Hydrating Abilities

Ectoin has a strong ability to bind water. Vivo studies have shown that Ectoin causes lesser transepidermal water loss upon application. Also, by comparing the stability of Ectoin complexes and water molecules in relation to water and glycerol complexes and water molecules and macromolecules, it was proven that Ectoin has a better and longer lasting moisturizing effect. This is why Ectoin is used as an ingredient in moisturizing products.

Restores and Strengthen the Skin

Ectoin has the ability to protect cells from damage and also help restore the skin barrier function of severely damaged skin. This is why it is common to find it among solution against atopic dermatitis. Its humectant and anti-inflammatory properties has shown comparable results to conventional forms of therapy by restoring skin barrier and reliving symptoms.

Protects Against UV Radiation

Ectoin protects on a cellular level against various harmful effects caused by UV radiation. Due to the protective effect on the cells, they become less susceptible to visible physical damage. Test results also indicates that Ectoin reduces the effect of wrinkles and skin texture damage caused by UV. 

With its multifunctionality, it is no wonder Ectoin is fast becoming recognized as a super ingredient for skincare products.

Try our products with Ectoin ingredient

Pilotica Exsior

This is a lotion texture moisturizer that makes skin temperature optimal. It supplies moisture and soothes sensitive skin. Beta-glucan and Adenosine ingredient helps with skin elasticity and anti-aging.

Essello Ectoin 1.0 Barrier Cream

This is a cream texture moisturizer. It provides deep moisturizing into your skin while forming a protective film by attracting essential water molecules to the skin.

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