What are Spicules and Why are They so Popular?

Spicules are needle-like structure that can be composed of many different things. In Korean skincare it is most commonly the endoskeletons of sea sponges found deep under the ocean. They are nature's answer to microneedling (MTS)!

Spicules penetrates the skin, just like MTS, which aids in the delivery of active ingredients into the skin.

This is why it is highly recommended to use spicule-based products together with derma cosmetic products. Spicule will actually enhance the effect of your serums and ampoules by significantly improving the absorption and penetration.

Does Spicule help with acne?

Yes! Spicules are effectively dissolvable "micro-darts". Upon application, they physically penetrate the top layers of the skin, carrying the active ingredients into the epidermis to target pimple/acne before it reaches the surface. For this reason, it tends to work best on deep pimples that are in the early, formative stage.

Will I feel any pain when using Spicules?

Spicule skin treatment contains needle-like structures which are microscopic in size. If you are new to spicule, you may feel slight tingling sensation, but if you are a seasoned MTS user, you may feel nothing at all. This is absolutely perfect for users who is unable to do MTS for various reasons.

After applying spicule products, the skin may feel a little sensitive so it is important to use adequate sunblock and avoid direct sunlight if possible. We also highly recommend applying a gel like Essello D-Panthenol Rebalance Gel to help soothe the skin.

Are Spicule products suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes! Prolonged usage of spicule products help to strengthen the skin barrier and improves the health of sensitive skin.

What Spicule products is available from Unnie?

We have tested many spicule-based products and only found one that passed our stringent criteria during the Cosmobeauty 2022 exhibition in Seoul. We highly recommend users to try the Petitra Rejuvenation Expert Spicule Cream. It contains high-purity Spicule, PDRN, human stem cell culture and super EGF to give continuous long-term stimulation of cells. It exfoliates dead skin cells and promotes collagen migration. Key effects of consistent spicule usage includes:

  • Wrinkle improvement
  • Skin elasticity and lifting
  • Acne improvement
  • Anti-aging
  • Brightening and whitening
  • Skin barrier strengthening
  • Skin moisture improvement
  • Reduction of pigmentation

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